Angelika Schubert is an interior designer, painter and photographer.

Born and raised in Vienna, Angelika Schubert graduated from the prestigious Viennese Art and Design Institute “ Modeschule Hetzendorf" and immersed herself in the fashion world, going on to become one of Austria’s first supermodels.

Eventually, the ambitious and beautiful young woman moved to the United States, splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York. She founded the renowned "Celestine Agency" in 1986, representing top stylists and make-up & hair artists. “I was very lucky that the right ideas came at the right time to me. And from then onwards, "it was a lot of hard work and an iron will to succeed.”

However, Angelika Schubert shares, “design and painting was in my heart from an early age on. I started to design and decorating homes in my twenties while still living in Vienna”. All the while, she was working as the creative director for a leading European Interior and Design magazine.

Angelika Schubert's influences derive from her multitude of travels throughout Europe and Asia. Her journeys and world explorations inspired her own interior design style with the elegance, purity and refinement she is sought-after. Her signature is simple, minimalist ("no clutter!"), nuanced and clean lines, yet ultra comfortable and inviting. Her extra forte is lighting, creating either the perfect exposure, or dimming ambiance, whether to highlight art or gracefully setting up the tone for a dinner party.

Angelika Schubert's sensibility draws from the elements of nature she brings into a home. "I relate to the point of view that nature is everywhere and beautiful in all its manifestations.”

Angelika Schubert’s vision embodies areas that have a distinct sense of open flow and space, filled with light and accentuated with luscious organic textures.

Nothing escapes Angelika Schubert's fine eye, as she has a knack for detailed observations; from the earthy natural color schemes of vegetation, to the stream of light passing through small openings for that perfect glow.

Yet still one of her favorite things are floor plans. She explains, "Finding the perfect cleverly functional use of a room is a challenge that I love to solve." She brilliantly does so, while simultaneously achieving the architectural full potential of the spaces she tackles.

Angelika Schubert's interior designs are a testament of her intuition, sensitivity and undeniable taste.

She is now splitting her time between Palma de Mallorca and Vienna.